With so many entertainment opportunities the weekend offers right behind your door in Surrey, you probably don’t want to spend your day renovating and repairs at your home. And we can totally understand you, however neglecting certain issues, especially when it comes to the floor is definitely not recommended, because they can quickly grow major and you can end up replacing your whole floor, which is, hands down, not the best way to spend your money, right? Here is how we at Surrey Floor Sanders can help – give us one weekend at Surrey and your property and we will achieve impressive results, renovating, reviving and sanding your wooden floors to perfection and promising alluring and affordable price for our service with no hidden costs and no extra money!

Why Choose Us for a Wood Floor Sanding Service in Surrey?

At Surrey Floor Sanders, we have a long experience at floor sanding and you can check some of our statement and impressive results on our gallery page. We know to undertake a sanding project needs time to consider do you really need one because even with reduced prices like ours, you are going to invest a certain amount of money, so here is more information about the sanding services offered.

Stress- and Dust-Free Wood Floor Sanding Service with Us in Surrey

First of all, sanding is recommended for both older floors and newly installed ones. People often opt for buying unfinished wooden materials because they are cheaper and allow freedom of choice when it comes to finishing and staining. Once the floor is installed, it is ready to be sanded. That way the surface will be completely smooth and ready to be sealed and stained with the products of your choice. And our experienced professionals can do that full circle of services for you!

Otherwise, older wooden floors inevitably experience certain changes. While colour darkening and light movement are completely natural and nothing to worry about, some internal and external impact can cause major issues. No matter the quality of the materials, the type of flooring and installation and how you maintain your owning, wooden planks and timber can start to contract due to humidity, planks get loose or even worse – broken, the squeaky sound is a sign of wear and tear and thinning wood and deep scratches and gaps ruin the whole appearance and stability.

What to Expect When Hiring Our Professional Wood Floor Sanding Team in Surrey

What sanding can do for floors in poor condition is amazing. The service is part of the whole renovation process and although sanding by itself can’t get rid of major issues, the method guarantees a perfectly even surface and gets rid of scratches and gaps. Keep in mind that if your wooden instalment looks really pathetic, floor repairs are always recommended for perfect results and our team is ready to help by dealing with an extensive spectrum of problems.

We would like our clients to be informed of their options, so here is a little list of the hardwood floor sanding service we offer. However, keep in mind, we have an individual approach to every project and quotations and the full-service information could be provided after free on-site visit and consultation.

  • Prior inspection of the floor, so we can explore all the imperfections and give our honest opinion, what your wood timber is in need of.
  • Repair and restoration are recommended if the floor is in really poor condition and the service includes gap filling, old floorboards replacing, repair damaged spots and more in order to create super sturdy base for the upcoming stages.
  • Sanding – for a perfectly sleek and uniform surface.
  • Sealing – for creating a hardwearing barrier for protecting the wood, adding more durability and strength.
  • Staining – for a beautiful and unique look of your floor.

Explore Even More Services Delivered by Us in Surrey

Make sure your favourite wooden floor is in tip-top shape. A wooden floor is so valuable and beneficial to every home not just because of the beauty and elegance it brings but also because of its amazing durability and lasting power. Here are some services part of our portfolio and dedicated to improving your floor visually as well as its condition:

  • Wood floor sanding of solid wood, engineered wood, and parquet floors
  • A wide spectrum of wood floor repairs and refurbishment, including spot repairs and replacement of damaged floorboards, water damage repairs, restoration of warped and cupped wooden floorboards, etc.
  • Gap filling and improving the insulation of the floor, sound-proofing
  • Wood floor staining along with an impressively wide range of high-quality wood floor stains and dyes supplied by some of the leading manufacturers internationally
  • Refinishing with premium quality wood floor finishes that ensure long-lasting and hard-wearing protection
  • Supply of new and reclaimed wooden floorboards for recovering damages of existing floors
  • Supply and installation of a wide range of wood floor accessories

When you hire our expert wood floor sanding and restoration team in Surrey you get more than just professional service. We are passionate about real wood floors and we strive to make sure you can enjoy yours in its best condition and appearance. Therefore, we will be glad to provide you with professional advice and recommendations on some of the best products you can select when refinishing, staining, and cleaning your favourite wooden floor.

Wood Floor Finishes we use for Achieving Flawless Results

Choosing the right finish is a very important decision you should make. In order to decrease the stress for you, we are happy to recommend you what type of finish will best match your floor, your requirements, the specifics of your household or the commercial setting you work at. Here are some of the finish products we use often because of their amazing quality and lasting power:

  • Bona Mega – The perfect choice for lacquered floors, available in matte, satin, gloss, and high gloss options, as well as in natural and unfinished look.
  • Bona Traffic HD – Quick-drying lacquer that provides commercial-grade, extra durable protection for your wooden floor and protects it from high traffic and heavy footfall. Available in matte and satin.
  • Bona Classic Primer – The perfect choice for light colouration of the wooden floorboards and for producing a high-elasticity, well-bodied surface.
  • Bona Prime Amberseal – Low VOC and quick-drying primer for achieving amazing intensity and richness of warm-coloured wooden floorboards.
  • Bona Prime Deep – Low VOC primer for enhancing the natural grain and pattern of the floorboards.
  • Bona Prime Intense – A water-borne primer for a medium to the intense colouration of unfinished wooden floorboards.
  • Junckers Strong – High-quality, quick-drying lacquer for domestic use, available in matte, satin, and gloss.
  • Junckers BasePrime – Quick-drying primer suitable for light-coloured wood floors and adding a light golden hue.
  • Junckers HP Commercial – Quick-drying, extra-durable lacquer suitable for commercial use, high traffic, and heavy footfall. Available in matte, satin, and gloss.
  • Junckers PreLak Primer and White Primer – Water-based and quick-drying, with no additional shade or white shade.
  • Junckers HP Professional 625 – Solvent-based lacquer for domestic and commercial use. Ensures extreme durability and hard-wearing protection. Available in matte, satin, and gloss.
  • Loba WS Easy Prime – Primer for strong and optimized adhesion between the wooden floorboards and the finish. Reduces side-bonding, fast-drying.
  • Loba WS Viva One Component Lacquer – Easy to apply, fast-drying, water-based, suitable for hardwood and parquet floors. Available in matte and semi-gloss.
  • Loba WS Fusion Two-Component Lacquer – Water-borne finish with polyurethane resins. Easy application, excellent wear resistance, designed for hardwood, parquet, and cork flooring.

Please, feel free to call on 020 70360624 for more information about our wood floor sanding service! Contact us today and get a free and non-obligational site visit plus a quotation. All services offered and delivered by the company are covered by our Floor Service Guarantee and a comprehensive Public and Treatment Risk Insurance.