Professional cleaning and maintenance are among the last services you consider when thinking of your flooring. Hands down, repairs and floor sanding are crucial and always come in first place in terms of investing and spending your time and energy. However, if we tell you that the proper maintenance and strictly following an easy cleaning routine can add more than a decade to the life-cycle of your floor, protecting it and preventing from bigger issues, do you still think professional cleaning and maintenance are something you can pass?

Let’s be real, even for truly dedicated people, cleaning and maintenance have really different results and achieve a true improvement when done by the experts. Here we don’t talk simply about a seasonal deep cleaning, the topic of wood maintenance has many and different layers to explore. First of all, let’s clear out what professional floor cleaning really can offer to your Surrey property.

The cleaning services we provide in Surrey are way more effective than the simple domestic or commercial cleaning routine. Sweeping with a soft broom, vacuuming occasionally and mopping with a damp mop are recommended for all types of wooden floors and wood species, however sometimes, especially with commercial premises, this is just not enough and you need something heavy-duty. In help come all the professional equipment, products and forces we can offer you in Surrey. Reaching inaccessible spots, structural and non-structural gaps, dirt and dust build-ups located in deep and more is the best way we not only make the whole construction completely hygienic and get rid of allergens but also prevent your floor since dust can react with the wood adhesive and cause movement and lose planks. We don’t use any abrasive and harmful products, nor multi-purpose ones, but only high quality and specially created for wooden flooring. Finally, hiring us for cleaning in Surrey you hire a professional team, which won’t only clean your floor but suggest some repairs while inspecting.

Another maintenance services we offer in Surrey are the perfect alternative to refinishing for floors in fairly good condition. If the top layer is outworn, dirty and scratched, this doesn’t mean you have to spend money on sanding and refinishing. Better have a look at our maintenance services, including stripping off the old protective layer and recoating with variety of finish for a fresh look:

  • Polishing – The polish or lacquer application works as a barrier, protecting the surface from water, sun and high traffic. Polishing adds an amazing gloss to your floor, boosting its natural beauty.
  • Re-oiling – This is a relatively new and innovational process. Oil application saves the organic and natural texture and looks of the wood, making it more hard-wearing at the same time.
  • Recoating – It is better than refinishing in terms of being more affordable and timely service. When recoating, our experts will apply new coats of the previous finish and add durability and long-lasting effect.

No matter if you need extra cleaning help or additional maintenance, feel free to contact us on 020 70360624 for your Surrey projects!