What Makes Parquet Flooring So Desirable?

Wood is not only a beautiful but also natural material. It is a renewable resource with an individual character capable of creating a warm and cosy atmosphere in addition to the fact that it’s long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Compared to other types of flooring parquets themselves have a lot to offer. Parquetry has been used for centuries by nobility and royalty alike and doesn’t seem to be going out of fashion anytime soon. Much like the wood from which it is made, a fine parquet will last for many years as long as you clean it regularly (but not with abrasive cleaners). Parquet blocks also can be found in a variety of patterns and designs which only makes them more unique and sought after. Maybe this is part of the reason they add so much value to a property because homes with parquets are easier to sell.

As you can see parquets are something of worth and deserve proper treatment. This is especially true for reclaimed parquet floors because finding the right blocks to replace lost or damaged pieces can be really hard. In addition to our sanding services, though, Surrey Floor Sanders specialises in providing the proper matches for your reclaimed parquet and we are extremely good at this.

Why Sand Your Parquet Floor?

Like most wooden floors, parquetry is vulnerable to scratching and high levels of moisture. Sharp objects, high heels, pet nails or heavy traffic, in general, can scratch your parquetry. If the protective coating of your parquet is penetrated, high humidity levels can cause additional harm. Sunlight can also become a problem because long exposure can lead to fading and discoloration.

Many things can damage the surface of a parquet floor and its health must be taken seriously. A fine parquetry needs professional care. As long as the finish is still firmly protecting the wood below, you may even get away just by polishing, but keep in mind that sanding will not only leave your floor better protected - It will also remove any visible signs of damage on it.

Hire The Pros

There is one topic which can cause enormous confusion among clients. People are often advised to check just what kind of equipment their hired professionals are using and what kind of techniques since it makes a huge difference in the way your parquet looks.

We employs belt sanders in their restoration projects simply because it’s the only option if you want to do a quality job. When you use a belt sander on herringbone parquet you sand diagonally because that way this powerful piece of equipment won’t strip too much of the surface and damage the grain.

Some companies use a much older machine called drum sander. It is outdated, leaves a lot of dust and the quality of the final result is severely lacking. However, the only way to do a somewhat acceptable job with a drum sander is by sanding straight and across.

Our sanding services are the best solution for any parquet issues you may have. We are professional, experienced and dedicated. We offer quality services at affordable prices. We are your best bet when it comes to floor renovation in Surrey!