Wood flooring is a broad concept, incorporating and combining many methods and techniques of restoration, maintenance and repairs when needed. In addition, you have a great variety of wood species, colours, textures and also, not to forget, a chance to choose between natural and manufactured products. We can’t think of any other type of flooring, offering such flexibility and opportunities. From the natural timber of hardwood to the durability of engineered wood, the amazing patterns of parquet and even – we are sure there is something for everyone’s taste and style. And then – deep reds and salmon pinks, chocolates and golden browns, pale and airy shades, grainy textures or sleek ones, knots and swirls, glossy or matt finishes and so on, and so on… well, if this isn’t a true diversity, we don’t know what is!

With the great variety comes the great requirements of skills, individual approach and knowledge. As you can imagine, not one wooden floor is similar to another in terms of materials, wood species, maintenance requirements and effects desired. Like many individuals, like many wooden floor options, we can say and this won’t be a wrong statement!

A flooring team that can offer you the proper approach to every kind of wood flooring is Surrey Floor Sanders. Our experts have the training and the knowledge, the experience and expertise and finally, the inner talent and resourcefulness to react in every situation, even unexpected ones. Our professionals have years in training and experience with wood floor sanding, sealing, staining, repairs and maintenance, and cleaning, so they can help you solve every problem, find every solution, achieve every look and improvement you desire.

Well, it is not only hard work and dedication but also knowing the market and being competitive. Surrey Floor Sanders has spent years of researching and analysing the market and what people need and created this great system of offering all of our professional services on affordable prices, with many additional special offers, with timely and efficient performance. That way, we believe, we’ve funded the happy medium and our loyal client network in Surrey is completely based on this honest working policy.