Stairs and banisters sanding and refinishing service in Surrey

Surrey Floor Sanders has a really good reputation in the flooring services branch and on the local Surrey market. We have invested many years and dedication into becoming one of the best companies, offering wood floor sanding, refinish, repair and cleaning and maintenance services to our local clients, promising quality of service, personal approach and attention to details. We’ve managed to gather and train this skilled and talented team, learning them everything about wood flooring and its character, but the rest is their inner passion to be the best, knowing how to react in every situation, constantly striving to improve and deliver the highest quality.

Dust-Free Equipment & Best Quality Products

With such professionals behind our back, the next thing was to invest in quality equipment and products. We know expensive doesn’t mean the best always, however, we have done our research and selected machines, cleaning and finishing products, dyes and more, which can match the highest standards we follow. In addition, we put trust in really innovative systems, which can promise tidy performance and precise work and we are proud to be able to deliver such high quality.

Full Range in Floor Restoration Services

Finally, we make sure we serve all the wood flooring requirements, making the renovation cycle complete. It is just like a spot repair when the whole floor is in poor condition – working only on one aspect will ensure some improvement, but not the best results. Because we carry the whole package of services, from A to Z. Starting with floor inspectation, continuing with sanding, sealing, staining, repairs and finally, finishing with cleaning and other maintenance services. And we are proud of the statement we are equally good at everything from the above listed, so you can be completely calm when you get in touch with us for your Surrey project!

Attention To Detail

The services we provide are known for their quality. We offer free on-site visit, inspecting the environment and if you need – recommending the right kind of wood floor restoration project for your property. Our floor sanding services improve not only the appearance of old and outworn floors by creating a sleek surface and getting rid of the imperfections, but also adding more stability to the whole structure. Our repair specialists will bring the durability and longevity of your floor, finding a solution to every major issue. Our cleaning and maintenance team promise long-lasting effect on amazing price and with timely performance. What more to ask for? In fact, if you have more requirements, we are ready to help!

Surrey School Flooring Services

As a school flooring contractor we are heavily focused on providing outstanding floor restoration services for the public sector. Outstanding is a strong word but in this case, it is used properly. Let us explain exactly why we are the best contractors specialising in school floor sanding. First, we employ very skilled craftsmen with years of experience. Second, we use the best dust-free belt sanding equipment that money can buy. And third, with our individual approach to every school flooring service or task, we are able to find the best solution for your problem. We can provide our flooring services for schools in a way that will not interfere with the school’s work on flexible prices you can afford according to your needs.